A Walk to Remember Comparison Essay

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“A Walk to Remember” Essay

If I were diagnosed with a terminal illness, I would probably change a lot of things in my life. The majority of people don’t take risks or make rash decisions on a daily basis because they know it will impact them the next day. There are so many sayings like ‘live in the present’ ‘live like there’s no tomorrow’ etc, but the problem is that for most people there IS a tomorrow. I’m not saying it’s bad to think about what you do before you do it by means though. In fact, I am a strong believer in thinking things out first- even to a fault sometimes-. So, if I were to be diagnosed with 6 months to live, that would most likely be the first thing I would change. I’m sure it would be crazily hard for my family and I if I had a terminal illness and I’m sure we would go through all 5 of the stages, but I don’t think it would hit us as hard as most. My family and I are strong Christian believers so we all know what will happen to us after we pass on. I believe that the stages of denial and bargaining would go over more smoothly with me than others I know. If I were diagnosed I have I feeling I would accept it easier than expected due to my beliefs and upbringing. In the movie “A Walk to Remember” Jamie and Landon go through the stages together, but in very different ways. Jamie has a much easier time with it than Landon because she knows what will happen to her when she dies while Landon had very undecided thoughts on the afterlife. Eventually after going through all the stages though, Landon’s view on life and death changed dramatically. He realized that life was too precious to worry about what people think about you and he learned to believe in himself. He turned into a better person overall and learned that everyday is a blessing. Because of Jamie’s faith in him, Landon starts to realize his potential; he applied for medical school and was accepted and started setting goals for his life. For Jamie on the other hand, she learns...
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