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“When I was 17, my life changed forever. I’m 57 years old, but even now I can remember everything from that year, down to the smallest details. I relieve that year often in my mind, bringing it back to life, and I realize that when I do, I feel a strange combination of joy and sadness….this is my story; I promise to leave nothing out. First you will smile, then you will cry—don’t say you haven’t been warned.’’ Written by an international bestselling author and my personal favorite Nicholas sparks, comes a tale of true love, first love and everlasting love that you will never forget! “A walk to remember’ is most definitely my favorite book of all time.

The tale begins with a 57 year old Landon Carter, looking back at the year of 1958 set in, North Carolina. He remembers every single thing in that year. From the smell of both the sea and lilacs to the girl that changed everything in his life forever. Landon had already dated a girl or two. He even swore that he had once been in love. Certainly the last person in town he thought he’d fall for was Jamie Sullivan, the daughter of the town’s Baptist minister. A quiet girl who always carried a Bible with her schoolbooks, Jamie seemed content living in a world apart from the other teens. She took care of her widowed father, rescued hurt animals, and helped out at the local orphanage. Out of guilt and a bizarre twist of fate, Landon asks Jamie to the school dance and ends up volunteering to help her in the town church's Christmas play. Over time, they become close friends, they share their dreams and aspirations with each other and strangely enough Jamie nurtured a very simple dream to get married in a church full of people where she could walk the aisle. As time passes, Jamie shows Landon how deep the human soul can be, opening his eyes to the power of undying faith and the strength of compassion and love. As their kinship grows, Jamie reveals that she has leukemia, a type of cancer, and her health begins to...
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