A Walk In My Shoes Hassan LaWadrianSOCL111

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A Walk in my Shoes

The study of a day to day life for a person as myself is quite difficult, observing the patterns and changes that the mind goes through to perform is intriguing. From the start of waking up on a Monday morning for me, was much more different from the start on a Saturday morning. The day of the life starts as follows. The typical Monday starts off very fast paced, the ringing of the alarm has been sets for days ready to pounce off the dresser at 0530, tipping over the clock praying it was a dream. It reality it is not, hop out the bed running to the bathroom to wash my face, brush my teeth and comb my hair back into the worse pony tail imaginable. Then off to slip on this P.T. uniform to not only rush out the door and get to the bridge before it is blocked up by heavy morning traffic for all of those who knows 0615 comes around in the morning when rushing for pt. We all know impression management “people’s efforts to control the impressions that others receive of them” falls heavy when we try to look good for other people so they will not judge in a certain way. Society as we know to be as a group of different individuals combines together to form something more than just one group, or “people who share a culture and a territory” has shared a lot of common ground in the military. We eat, breathe, and sleep the same patterns almost. We walk around knowing what to look for in a person, actually judging them and not even knowing it. Walking up to formation the eyes of everyone around are centered on you thinking heavily, Did I do something wrong this morning? Checking myself over and over again to ensure I have on a belt, my socks are pulled over my ankles, and the most important is my pony tail. It gets me every time. Shortly after pt. ends rushing back home to change into my uniform, my heart speeds up every second that goes by, it is like I can hear it ticking away. Living 15 minutes or so from base does not seem that far until being pushed for time and looking at the traffic speeds it up. After making it home to change and grab a bite to eat, starting the day really kicks into gear. In psychology terms, taking the roles of others is defines as “putting yourself in someone else’s shoes; understanding how someone else feels and thinks, so you anticipate how that person will act” in which in this case I do every morning. Walking up to several people in my company I see their reactions to almost the exact point it will happen. I have the tendency to replace them with me and take on some of the burden. Every day is nothing new, but the commander feels it is necessary to single out a few people to ease his emotions he carry. It is very obvious things are not right at home or work for him so he used his little power to make others feel the same. Push everyone he yells out, to see the reaction of the company, but in a way it is only hardship. The second he calls pushups he point his finger in a single direction with his eyes closed and walks up to the first person his finger touches and says. “I touched you, know you touch two and go to work”, seriously! It is not worth it to me, because he intentionally touches the same person every other day. So as team player “the collaboration of two or more people to manage impressions jointly” I start the train to push so we look like heroes instead of zeroes in the commander’s book. Dealing with his self-inflicted issues brings drama to the unit, and mood swings come flying throughout the entire day. Many of us, including myself deal with emotional labor at work, which is “the effort that you exert to separate yourself from a situation in order to get your work done”. I am pretty sure everyone in their life time has dealt with something that caused them to separate themselves from a crowd of people or maybe just a handful of people to prove that to themselves they need to be away from all negative vibes around them. I myself prefer to work alone in a quite...
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