A Visit to the Student Union

Topics: Observation, Person, People Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: March 21, 2011
A Visit to the Student Union
This is one more English project. Today, our teacher has instructed us to form small teams and look around at the one assigned scenario, and then write an essay of our observations. My partner and I got to make our observations to the Student Union.

Being around 2:20 p.m., and knowing how many students are attending classes at that time, it amazes me that a big amount of people from different ages, keep coming to our Student Union to find out information about the different programs Cochise College has to offer.

My first observation after entering that huge, beautiful building where we can find a cafeteria in which many students reunite to talk, relax, or exchange some pinions, was a big fat guy using a computer that you can perfectly read a sign taped on the wall that says "This computer is for Admissions, Financial Aid, Registration, or business office use ONLY", but as if the sign did not exist, the big, fat guy is playing the solitaire game and listening music on his iPod really loudly. What a disrespectful person I thought!

Ever since that bad first impression, I kept looking and observing the students in charge of the front desks trying to give the appropriate customer service to all the persons that were approaching to them. One young girl is entering the building with two little demons kids, trying to fill out some paperwork in the financial aid desk, the poor girl, who was also trying to hold hands all the time with her kids so they could not get away, was frustrated because she could not focus on the application and the little demons at the same time. It was almost impossible for her that the kids could stay still for moments until one of them drop one of the belts that keep people in line and waiting for their turn.

A couple of students walked into the building, but they went to the testing center that is upstairs of the student union. Very close where my partner and I were sitting down and making our observation...
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