A Visit to the Museum

Topics: Art museum, Henri Matisse, Vincent van Gogh Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Museum Visit Report
Jon Fairbanks
Norton Simon Museum
February 21.2013
Why did you visit this museum?
I decided to visit this museum because I have been to the Getty museum and wanted to try something new. I have gone on tours of the famous Green and Green home in Pasadena and truly enjoyed it. I felt that a visit to this museum would be beneficial. How long were you at the museum?

I was at the museum for approximately 3.5 hours.
Which parts of the museum did you visit?
I did a whole sweep of the museum at first and then slowed down my pace to study a few different pieces that caught my eye. I felt that it would not be a good trip unless I visited the entire museum. The main areas a spent the most time in were of course the modern art exhibit. This area had a abundance of Van Gogh, Picasso, and Matisse paintings. I also spent time in the European art 14-18 century area. The main entrance courtyard that had Rodin’s work was a wonderful way to enter the museum. The Asian collection was also a amazing collection of stone and bronze statues that dated as far back as the early 100 A.D. Which part of the museum didn’t you visit?

I actually tried to visit the entire museum. Unfortunately I missed a few parts of the court yard due to time constraints. I didn’t see the thinker but was able to see Rodin’s ,”Monument to Balzac” and “Saint John the Baptist” statue. Were there any disappointing aspects of your museum visit? Explain There were three aspects of visit to the Norton Simon museum that were acutely disappointing. The first was the large amount of people that were at the museum. I felt a bit crowded while trying to interpret some art pieces and there was a large concentration of children which might have made it a bit louder than usual. The second was the operating hours of the museum. It made it very difficult to find time to go to the museum while being in school full time and holding a fulltime position at work which includes weekends. Lastly I wish...
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