A Visit to The Dentist's Office

Topics: Dentistry Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: March 29, 2005
My Trip to the Dentist's Office
(Narrative and Descriptive Essay)

The phone rings, and I answer, "Thank you for calling Enterprise, how may I help you?" The voice on the other end asks for Andrea, and I reply, "This is she." The voice says she is calling to remind me of my 11:00 AM dental appointment. I sigh and tell her I will be there on time. I enter the brick building and walk over to the elevator; I push the up button and patiently wait. The elevator door promptly opens, and I get in. I push the button with a number two on it, and the doors close… up I go. Once on the second floor, I exit the elevator. Even before I go into Dr.Taylor's office, I can immediately smell the mixture of wintergreen-flavored toothpaste and bleach out in the hall. As soon as I open the outer door, a blast of cool air from the air conditioner hits me in the face and makes me shiver all over. I walk in and add my name to the list on the sign-in sheet. Mindy, the gray-hared women behind the frosted glass slide window, sees me and lets me know that the doctor will be ready soon. While I wait for the dental assistant in her crisp white uniform to call out my name, I look at the fish in the large blue tank in the corner of the room. The sleek fish dart about playing hide and seek with the plastic mermaid at the bottom of the tank, while tiny silver bubbles slip to the top of the tank's surface and break silently. I then turn and see a photo album sitting on a coffee table; I pick it up only to see pictures of decaying teeth and gums. I quickly close the book and shudder at the thought as I roll my tongue over my teeth and thank God they are all there. I notice there is a little girl playing with the many colorful toys scattered all over the floor. I secretly wish to myself that I could be that little girl waiting for my parent to come out from the dentist. The little girl sees me watching her and asks, "Do you want to play with me?" I think to myself,...
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