A Visit to Max Hospital

Topics: Observation, Scientific method, Knowledge Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: January 10, 2011
About Max Hospital:-
Max Hospital Gurgaon is centrally air conditioned with more than 100 beds, two modular operation theatres, a 11-bed ICU and in-house diagnostic service facilities. The clinical services are supported with the most advanced in-house diagnostic services. It is also equipped with a state-of-the-art emergency response and management system.  It is easily accessible from all the satellite townships of Delhi, NCR. Observations:-

As according to given assignment our task was to observe the Hospital’s staff people that how they interact with customers i.e. patients or their relatives, for this we first approach the help desk for the permission to stay there. After concerned with their H.R. department people they permit us to stand near the counters for observation. Mainly there are eight places that I had observed where interaction between a customer and the hospital staff member happen. These are as listed below:- * Help Desk

* O.P.D. Registration Desk
* Billing Desk
* Cashier Desk
* Health Insurance Desk
* Report Collection Desk
* Admission Desk
* Pharmacy Desk
This division shows how they divide the work as it is required in the hospital to proceed everything so fast and on time because mistake of just few seconds can take a life of someone. So this is the good sign for that hospital management. It’s beneficial for both the management and the customers. The authorized person at these counters are well dressed, talk politely to everyone, trying to communicate in the suitable language with which one feels comfort. During the observation I observed that the person on the help desk was facing some difficulties to communicate with a foreigner couple, this was due to the language barrier. In the solution of that they can appoint someone who have the knowledge about some foreign languages because foreigners prefer such kind of premier hospitals for their treatments. As for a marketer it is required to know what...
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