A visist to grandmother

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    “A Visit to Grandmother” Analysis
In the short story “A Visit to Grandmother”, William Melvin Kelley writes about a man who brings his son to his mother's house for an unexpected visit in an attempt to resolve his childhood traumas. Despite those conflicts, the main character, Charles, progresses as a human being due to his leaving home. One example of conflict that Charles faced as a child is his older brother, GL, getting all the love and attention from his mother. But not him he thought his mom doesn’t love him as much as his brother. One conflict Charles faced was when he asked his mother  to do something for him, she always says him that she is busy. “If Gl and I did something wrong, you would beat me first and then be too tired to beat him”. This conflict  make him the man  he is today by his feeling his feeling inside his hear. He was not happy when his mom tells him that she is busy or she don’t have time to spend with him. One hardship Charles faced was when he kisses his mom, he felt fear. uncertainty, sadness, and perhaps even hated. Charles was changed by his feeling toward   his mom that he did not like her, and she do love him,  but she did not show him all her love. That is really strong feeling to him. His mother  did not paid attention to him because he is smart he know how to build his own life by himself.

Another conflict Charles faced was when he left his family and go to school when he was fifteen years. “ I would to go to school, they didn’t have Negro high school at the place that they were living their, so i want up to Knoxville and lived with a cousin and went to school”. However Charles develops into an amiable man and a successful doctor by going to school. He is really smart man than his brother.

These points are important to consider because when Charles was a child his mom did not paid attention  to him. she paid attention to Gl. Which that bring a lot of problems like if she take care of one, then the other one will be...
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