A View from the Bridge - Endings

Topics: Suicide, Drama, Suicide methods Pages: 3 (1000 words) Published: November 14, 2010
A view from the bridge - Endings

     The first ending chosen by Arthur Miller was actually quite similar to the published one. Eddie assumes his love for Catherine and decides to kiss her once again to make her choose between him and Rodolfo, and stop her from marrying him. He even begs for her to stay and love him. After failing, his next attempt was to go after Marco to get back his name. They both engage in a deadly fight. Eddie died killed by his own knife. His last words were: “Catherine-why?”. This quotation is very suitable for the story, and relates with Eddies feelings for Catherine which he demonstrates in the story. The weakness of this ending is that although Eddie’s actions towards Catherine might be convincing, I think that they are a bit exaggerated, because Eddie always had a tough attitude, and I don’t think that begging fits him. In my opinion, Alfieri should resume the play like he did in the original one. I think this should be done because when the play ends, we get a negative impression of Eddie’s character, so Alfieri’s last words would make us sympathize more with Eddie, saying that although he made mistakes, he is still is capable to love.        The second ending written by Miller was the conclusion he actually decided to publish I all written versions of the play. The strength of this ending is that Arthur Miller makes an impressive use of interesting details to help the audience visualize the fight between Marco and Eddie. Additionally, the events during the fight are believable and convincing, as Marco has proved on the end of Act One that he was stronger than Eddie and was capable of “bending” the knife towards Eddie’s direction. However, Miller did not think too precisely about the weaknesses this ending would contain. Eddie’s actions throughout the entire play demonstrate the feeling of passion and love when it comes to Catherine, so his final words should be dedicated to her and not to Beatrice. On the other hand, Eddie’s...
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