A View from the Bridge

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“Eddie´s hidden passions”

A View from the Bridge is a play by American playwright Arthur Miller that was first staged on 1955. At the beginning was considered as a one-act verse drama but then it subsequently revised the play to contain two acts. The Drama presents different society taboos that happened at that time in the United States such as migration, sex-war, maleness and homosexuality.


It is set in 1950s, in an American neighborhood near the Brooklyn Bridge NY; where most of the European ships anchored. So that I think it is why Rudolph and Marco arrived there. As we can see on the first act Rudolpho and Catherine met each other and fell in love. Then they announced the wedding, but something that catches my attention is the reason why Eddie protects Catherin.

My first view was that Eddie feels something from Catherin, something hidden and forbidden, that it could never be permitted just because they were family. So that it is why he became obsessed with her, and started to tell lies to the other ones about Rudolpho. Besides the lies were not common because ,he said to the other that Rudolpho was queer and he just wanted Catherin because she was American, so why did the comes over with that libel instead of creating another one that were not related with sexuality. Additionally to that, when he fights with Catherin and first he kiss Catherin and then, why did he kiss Rudolpho?

Another fact that catches my attention was that Beatrice complains about the fact that she was always ignored in the bed, that there were no more passion between them, and sometimes Eddie did not realized how good looking she was.

Finally, he were asking for respect his name, that he deserved because he had worked for his family the whole life, but if we analyze carefully no one had disrespect him, until he blow on Marco and Rudolpho.


As mentioned earlier, the play deals with different society taboos. But I think Eddie...

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