A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

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Animal Rights and The Catholic Church
Morality and Happiness

Ashley Silber
Sammi Jo Rogy
3rd Period
Animal Rights


The Catechism of the Catholic Church has specific information on where the Catholic Church stands on animal rights and the treatment of animals. Animals are believed to be a part of God’s creation, like everything in the universe. Everything in nature that is a part of God’s creation is good. The Catholic Church views that animals bring joy and comfort and hold a purpose. The Catechism teaches us that the world God created also has an order and hierarchy. Humans are created in the image of God making man the superior being. Animal rights are identified by the Catholic Church in the Catechism and it is believed that animals are an important part of our existence and should be treated with gentleness and respect.

Material Facts

A. The first ever Catholic society to assemble to express concern for the welfare of animals was in the early 1900’s. This society is now called CCA, the Catholic Concern for Animals that pray and spread the teachings of the church concerning animal welfare.

1. “The Ark” is a publication printed every four months containing articles specific to the welfare and treatment of animals.

B. All life is given from God and the teachings of the CCA are to educate and help people live in accordance with our Creator.

C. Mankind is superior in nature as we are created in the image of God. All animals are a part of God’s creation should be respected.
1. Humans are different than animals in the aspect they have an ability to love and the ability to know the meaning and importance of life.

2. Understanding that humans are superior to animals does not grant permission for cruelty.

D. Human beings should not participate in the needless killing or...
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