A Very Distinguished Society

Topics: Mexico City, Aztec, City Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: May 5, 2013
A Very Distinguished Society

Mexico City is located on the Valley of Mexico. It is about 7,000 feet above sea level. It's geographical location favored Mexico City because it is surrounded by mountains along with having mild climates. With mild climates, the land consists of rich soil. Due to it's great geographical location, it attracted settlers. In 1325, the first settlers were the Aztecs, who settled by Lake Texcoco with Tenochitlan as their capital city. The Aztecs created a prosperous empire until the year of 1521, where Spain conquered the empire. They annihilated Tenochitlan and built a new city known as Mexico City today. Throughout the years, Mexico City grew and became urbanized. As population grew, social distinction and spatial inequality were noticeable within different regions of the city. 
As farmers of Mexico's countryside decides to migrate into an urban city to find more opportunities, life can be become a little better, but overall it is still complicated. Migrating can be an agonizing process because an individual is sacrificing their rural lifestyle for a new, better, and less sophisticated urban lifestyle. Indeed, they are starting their life all over in a new place, but the living conditions are harsh for Mexico City's recent migrants because they are new to the area and they live in slums or cardboards. Even though it was harsh, they are given the opportunity to work in these urban cities. The working poor get paid low wages and they live closer to the center. Shelter was better in the urban areas than the rural. Iztacalco is an example of a working poor neighborhood of Mexico City. It consists of 22 square feet of green space per person, only 78% of homes built with good materials, and 75% of homes with water. In conclusion, farmers move to the urban city, where they become the working poor of the area struggling financially to survive in society

Besides the working poor, the middle and upper class also dominate regions of Mexico...
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