A variety of factors put teens at risk

Topics: Teenage pregnancy, Poverty, Mother Pages: 3 (914 words) Published: November 12, 2013

Analytical Paper # 2

At Risk Children; At Risk Students; Kids in America Need Our Help

Surviving the teens years could be tough; however most teens do manage to survive the perilous course from childhood to adulthood. There are some that will stumble along the way; the more obstacles’ children have to overcome while growing up, the more likely they are to stumble as adolescents. For children at risk there is even a higher risk for survival into adulthood. A high percentage of children at risk drop out of school, commit crimes, use drugs and alcohol, and ultimately end up in adult prison There are many risk factors that could lead children to unfavorable life outcomes, although there are many children who grew up at-risk who went on to achieve success later in life. Students at risk have a greater chance of becoming educationally disabled because of the condition surrounding their birth or home environments. There are many risk factors that could put a child at risk. I am going to talk about six of these risk factors: poverty, welfare dependency, absent parents, one parent families, unwed mothers, and parents who did not graduate from high school. Risk factor # 1: Poverty. During 2010 15.1 percent of America children under 18 lived in homes with income below the poverty level. One thing that was very interesting to me was that African American students reported economic issues as the second most common reason why they dropped out of school. Research show that neighborhoods of concentrated poverty have limited opportunities for children in terms of social interactions, positive role models, quality child care, good quality health care facilities, parks, safe playgrounds, all things that are important for healthy child development. The United States Census revealed that 22 percent of children under the age of 5 live in poverty. Poverty rates are highest for families headed by single women, particularly African American or Hispanic...
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