a varietes of english language

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Katedra pedagogických štúdií

Varietes of English language
Seminárna práca
Lívia Nemcová

Úvod do štúdia anglistiky 1
PhDr. Dalibor Mikuláš, PhD.
anglický jazyk a výchova k občianstvu
denná forma štúdia

NEMCOVÁ, Lívia: varietes of the english language. [Seminar paper]. Žilinská univerzita v Žiline. Fakulta humanitných vied, Katedra pedagogických štúdií. Lecturer: PhDr.Dalibor Mikuláš, PhD. 2013. The purpose of the seminar paper is clear up a matter of varietes of the english language . Find out what are the differences between varietes of the english languages. In this seminar paper we focus on development of English language. Key words: language, english, varietes.


1 Language

,, Language is the basic means of human communication and as such it has an important social function. The basic form of languages is spoken , ie.phonic. Speech is a sound contimmum, the sound of language being combined into complex phonic sequences. For a member of a certain language community such phonic sequencesrepresent signs endowed with meaning. Thus the sign consist of two aspect : material and conceptual- meaningful‘‘ (Pavol Štekauer) ,,Language is the most frequently and highly developed form of human communication .However , the implications of this statement merit further comment. The act of communication , or the communicative act, is , basically , a transmission of information ( a message) between a source and a recipient. In the case of language , both the source and the recipient are people , and the message is transmitted either through sound ( i.e.through air) or by means of a system of marks which we call ‘letters’or ‘graphemes‘, simply , by means of written records.‘‘(Kavka,2009)

2 Development of lexis

,,In spite of the geographical separation from the continental europe , the history of the english language reflects significant influences upon the development of the language, its grammatical, lexical and phonological subsystem which were exerted by other languages. It resulted from vivid political, military, economic and cultural contacts of the inhabitants of Britain with other nations of Europe.‘‘(Pavol Štekauer, 1993)

2.1 Celtic influence

We can find celtic influence in these words : London, in the first syllable of Winchester, Salibury , Exeter, Gloucester, Worcester and a score of other names of cities is traceable to e celtic source, while the name York is originally Celtic. The same applies to the names of rivers as Thames , Avon, Dover, Esk, etc. 2.2 Latin influence

,, Latin was- as opposed to the Celtic language –not the language of a conquered people. On the contrary , it was the language of a higher civilization from which the Germanic tribes had much to learn .‘‘(Pavol Štekauer,1993)

2.3 Scandinavian influence

,, The scandinavian influence ranks among three large superstructures that came to be , as it were, erected on the Anglo-Saxon foundation, each of them modifying the character of the original language.‘‘(Pavol Štekauer,1993)

3 Standard english

,,Standard English can be characterized by saying that it is that set of grammatical and lexical forms which is typically used in speech and writing by educated native speakers. Standard English includes the use of colloquial and slang vocabulary as well as swear words and taboo expressions. Modern standard English comes into two main, semi-autonomous varietes: North-American English as employed in the USA and Canada, and British English as employed in the United Kingdom and, with differences that are minor except at the level of colloquial vocabulary, in Australia , New Zeland , and South Africa.‘‘( Pavol Štekauer, 1993)

3.1 Variants of British English

,,In the following paragraphs we shall indicate some peculiarities of Northern English, Scottish...
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