A Value Based Society for Our Future

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A Value based society for our future
Present day society has seen its share of the erosion of values ever since the dawn of technology. It is as if these values were being thrown aside for technology to take its place. And technology like a dark mist shrouding the values of a person making what we know today as materialism. This obviously puts forth proof of how flawed society can be without values being the base of it. The vision of how our future society is intended to be is undoubtedly a utopia where peace and harmony is above all else. Currently our world and society faces violence, on a general scope of this issue would be the occurrence of war, Wars in the past have been fueled by a difference of values. Now what are values you might ask, as defined by the oxford’s advanced learner’s English dictionary, values are beliefs about what is right and wrong and what is important in life.

Since values are a belief on what is important in life, it is necessary that the right belief is instilled within an individual of a society, so as not to create any forms of false society norms. The topic which I intend to highlight today would be the examples of values that communities in the society should practice and apply. As well as reasons to support my points of view. From my perspective on the topic, I feel that it is important to have the values of Change, Tolerance, Teamwork and Honesty

First and foremost, Change, a value portraying the will of an individual to undergo a course of development for the better. Before dwelling on what type of values should be instilled in an individual or how do we apply these values, We have to first realise the importance of possessing this will for a better change, because without this most important criteria, the instilling of new values to improve our society is impossible. Allow me to give you an analogy, what is the use of knowing what is a value which benefits society when you have no will to act so? This depicts how...
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