A True Friend: Is Always There for You

Topics: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: February 19, 2013
The story begun when I came to this school in Form 1. I have no friends and I’m afraid with new surrounding. I checked my name on the board. I was into class 1 inisiatif. When I got into the class, everyone stared at me. I don’t know whats going on. So I just take a seat and keep calmed. A few months later, I had to move to class 1 cendekia. I have my old friends there. But she’s not my closest friend. Everyone does not care about me. Nobody want to ask me anything. Maybe I’m too shy to meet and greet them. The time has changed, when there was a girl, who has just moved back to school from boarding school seated infront of me. That girl was so pretty, skinny and gorgeous to me. I was wondering if she will be my friend one day. Suddenly, she asked me, “ can I borrow your correction tape?” and I said “sure”. I got into mad situation when she used the correction tape onto the table. Since then, I had a negative thinking about her. Maybe I’m too childish. She knows that I’m mad to her. But she doesn’t care at all. Since then i know her name is Nur Daniella. The time had passed, when we were in form 2. All the students in form 1 still same class with me. I have many good friends right now. End of school holidays, Daniella and i suddenly get into this friendship. I don’t know how and i don’t care. Now i totally forgive and forget about the ‘correction tape’ thing. We shopping together to buy new things for next shoolyear. Most of the things we had buy, there are all same. Our bottles same colour, our shoes, pencilbox, watch and many more. We like it that way. When we were in form 3, our friends ask me and her why we buy same thing, colour and design. Maybe they felt too weird because Daniella and i was not a really good friend before and maybe they’re too jealousy because i treat Daniella all those thing. I ask her how she get used in those kind of situation. She said “ just ignored what they said”. Since that day, we came back from school together. Even i’m not...
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