A Trip to Panama

Topics: Panama, Bocas del Toro Province, Colombia Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: March 9, 2006
I plan to take a trip to the republic of panama, leaving Sunday, May 7th and returning the following Sunday. Because I am a new traveler I decided to get professional help planning this trip. There is a local travel agency located in Lake Stevens, WA that was helpful creating my dream vacation. I will need to bring a friend along for this vacation and split the bill, as it will save money on the hotel and tour package. The trip will begin with the departing flight from SeaTac airport to Houston, TX and then to Panama City. Upon arrival we will meet the tour guide from big five who will transport us to the Intercontinental Miramar Hotel. This is a nice five star hotel located in Panama City. The second day will take is into Casco Antiguo which is a 16th century city and the tour of the Panama Canal, the most famous part of panama. The idea of building a channel to connect the two oceans began in 1534 when a Spanish official suggested a canal route close to that of the present canal. However no action was taken until 1819 when the Spanish government authorized the construction of a canal. The actual construction was performed by the French Company headed by De Lesseps. Americans completed the construction between the years 1904 and 1914. Roughly 13,000 ships pass though the canal every year.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be spend in the islands of Bocas del Toro. These are for the most part, untouched by travelers. These islands are beautiful and include activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving to look at the coral reefs, boating, fishing and kayaking. Some of the native creatures living there include sloths, howler monkeys, toucans, parrots, iguanas and poison dart frogs. Bocas del Toro, the capital of the province is located on Isla Colon.

The day will end when we return to the Punta Caracol Acua hotel, which consists of miniature lodges built on stilts over the water!
The remainder of the vacation will be spent at Soberania National...
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