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A trip to Grand Rapids

By Moniic Jan 27, 2014 622 Words

10. dec. 2013

A Trip to Grand Rapids

At first Roger Hedlund appears to be surprised, that his to daughters used their house to throw a party at their farmyard. He and his wife, Cindy, sneaked up on 'the carnival' where the party was occuring. They watched headlights lightning in different directions, the thought that the music was to loud, and his chickens became more and more dazed by the drumming music. Roger didn't realize that there were that many teenage kids in the county. He watched the kids move around the farmyard carrying beer keg and passing around their cigarettes, which didn't help him accepting his two daughter holding a party without his knowledge. Seeing the kids smoke he got a flashback, when he himself held a party at his father's house when he was young. His wife, Cindy, mentioned that they themselves met at a party before they got together. One 'problem' Roger couldn't accept was his daughter, Martha, reaching for a cigarette and inhaling it. He didn't really want to allow it, but he didn't do anything to stop it.

Roger Hedlund is a farmer. He is quite concerned by the look of the weather, as the rain came at the wrong time ruining the crops. He has strict personality, as he tells Martha to send her kitten out in the rain, he tells her that is what the fur is for - after have heard the kitten cry pitifully he regrets it, and go outside to look it. He is a father who wants to believe in the best of his daughters, and agrees to let the two daughters stay at home while taking some days off together with his wife and stay at her sister at Grand Rapids. When they drove away from the house Roger isn't quite relaxed by the thought of leaving his daughters alone. When he sees all the cars heading towards the farm, he couldn't stop being curious, so they 'sneak' back on feet to the farm to check on them. Watching the girls' action makes him realize that he cannot watch over them forever. He says to his wife, that he cannot keep up the role of being a dad, he didn't want to march up and stop the party. He is a loving husband, he realizes that there is nothing he can do about the party, so he steps away and want to spend his days off with his darling wife.

In the last nine lines Roger appeares more caring. He realiaze that life would be more better, by not being strict and let things be the way they are. He realizes that his daughters and the world will continue after he is gone, so now he sees life different from before, so he starts to be more thankful towards God, life, the weather and his wife.

The importance between the relationship of parents and their teenage children, is to give the children some space. Some teenagers need to feel free, it is a time were many new things happens in their lives. On the other hand parents 'normally' knows what is best for their children. There need to be certain lines of what the children is allowed to do and not to do. A good relationship between parents and their children starts very early in the childrens life, the parents choice of raising them has a lot to say. There need to be some kind of 'mutual respect' and trust, which I think could give them a strong bond. By trusting ones teenage children they learn how to make their choice of life and how to take responsability of themselves, but sometime their actions can be a mistake they can learn from.

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