A Travelling Passion

Topics: Mother, Telephone, Telephone exchange Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: August 1, 2009
A Travelling Passion
“Why not mum?” Naomi screamed, infuriated by her mother’s response. “It’s not fair. You can’t tell me what to do forever!” It had been one month now since Naomi had been trying to persuade her mother to let her go on an exchange to Austria for a year. It was her teacher’s idea. Mrs. Doolittle had said, “Naomi you should take a break, go and do what you love to do-travel. You’ve worked hard this year and there are many benefits in experiencing other cultures.” Straight away Naomi went on a search, looking for an opportunity to come up. Then a week before graduation a notice came round calling all who wanted to go on an exchange. She signed up that day, and ever since has been arguing with her over-protective mother. Naomi stormed off down the hallway and retreated to the comfort of her room. She lay on her bed staring out into the emptiness outside. She was lost deep in her thoughts, trying to make sense of her mother’s view. Most of Naomi’s life was spent this way. As much as she loves her friends she very much appreciates quiet time on her own. A loud knock brought Naomi sharply back to her room. “Come for dinner, Naomi,” whined her little annoying brother. I’m not hungry she thought but she knew better than to not eat. Dinner was waiting as usual on the table but it didn’t have the same light hearted, welcoming atmosphere. It was dead. No one said a word. Next morning as usual Naomi’s mother knocked on her door to wake her up, but to her disbelief Naomi wasn’t there. There was great confusion and distress amongst the family. They had no idea where she had gone. There were phone calls and posters and many tears. Half way across the globe there Naomi was talking to a long lost friend. “So, how did you persuade your mum to let you come?” Daniel asked with much enthusiasm, he knew Naomi’s mum very well, they had been friends since they were three. “Well, that’s the thing. Mum doesn’t know where I am, I left without telling her. You...
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