A Tragic Love Story

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A Tragic Love Story
Regina Summers
ENG 225
Instructor Moore
June 27, 2011

A Tragic Love Story
1. Introduction
2. Storytelling
a. Where the story takes place.
b. The plot is in chronological order.
c. Conflict in the story.
d. The conflict is both internal and external.
3. Acting
a. The main actors in the film.
4. Cinematography
a. Special Effects.
5. Editing
a. Types of transitions used in the film.
6. Sound
a. The different types of sound presented in the film.
b. The different dialogues you hear in the film.
c. Who is the narrator for the film?
7. Style and Directing
a. The message the director is trying to tell us through the film. 8. Societal Impact
a. This movie helps you escape and lets you enjoy yourself. 9. Genre
a. The type of movie it is.
10. Conclusion
11. References

A Tragic Love Story
In today’s society we have a numerous selection of movies to choose from. There are different types of movies to choose from and I am sure that everyone one has their favorites. My favorite is the Moulin Rouge. You will learn what kind of film this is and what the most important thing to do for one another. In this paper we will discuss different elements of the film through the Storytelling, Acting, Cinematography, Editing, Sound, Directing and Style, Societal Impact, Genre and Film Analysis and Criticism. I will take each one and break them down so that you will understand why a film needs these elements. You will also understand just how important it is to know and understand what they mean.

At first in the movie we are taken to a dark, dreary place where a man sits. You can tell that he has lost the world. He decides to write a story, a story about what happened, a story about love. He goes back one year to where it all began. The story of Moulin Rouge takes place in Paris in 1899, the summer of love. It is the time of the cancan (this is a dance of French origin which women perform high kicks to reveal their underwear), absinth consumption and love for sale. The courtesan Satine played by Nicole Kidman is the star of the famous cabaret Moulin Rouge where she bedazzles rich customers to whom she sells her body after the show. The young and naive writer Christian played by Ewan McGregor comes to the French capital where he falls under the spell of the intoxicating atmosphere, the Paris entertainment quarter.

The film is in chronological order. Yes it starts out with Christian sitting in a hotel room all alone. He has sadness in his eyes and looks like he is lost. He goes to his type writer and you begin to see flashes of his story. He begins to type and that is where the story starts. Throughout the film it does flash back to where he is sitting at the type writer but I believe that it is pauses because this story has taken a tremendous toll on him and he needs a second to continue. He tells his story of how he fell in love and how his love was lost.

One of the major external conflicts in the story is how Christian and Satine try to keep their love a secret from everyone. One of the main characters in the film they want to keep this from is The Duke. He is madly obsessed with Satine and does not want anyone to have their hands on her. He arranges an agreement with the owner Zidler that Satine is his and that Zidler can still have the Moulin Rouge. The money that the Duke has given Zidler is to turn the cabaret into a theater. The Duke is consumed with jealousy since Satine is spending all her time with Christian to write the play Spectacular, Spectacular. Little does he know that they have fallen in love, when the Duke finds out he plans to have Christian killed if Satine does not leave him. There is even something greater than Christian’s love and the Duke’s jealousy for Satine that will take her from them both. That is Death. This internal conflict happens...

References: Goodykoontz, B. & Jacobs, C. (2011) From Watching to Seeing. San Diego, CA. Bridgepoint
Education, Inc. http://www.content.ashford.edu
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