a time when i ran away

Topics: 2008 singles, Idiot, The Lost Boy Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: October 14, 2014
I’ve had enough of my life. Everybody at school jeers at me and constantly bullies me. Even the teachers pick on me, because I’m not exactly the brightest student. Everyday I go home battered and bruised yet my parents still don’t take a second look at me. I may be shy, but I’m also mysterious, curious and after some thought, and quite a lot of beatings, I decided to try something new, to run away from home. I’ve been travelling for ages now, with no insight of where I’m going. The hot sun bears down on me, my lips are parched and I’m desperate for an ice cold drink. I use what little spare change I have, to buy myself a bottle of water, and before I know it I’ve gone through the whole thing. I’m exhausted, yet I have no shelter, no food or drink, and worst of all I have no family. I really regret running away. I wish I could just have a second chance to go back and fix everything. But I know better, that I’m not wanted there, and that they’re all probably throwing a party now that I’ve left. I realise that I have no hope, if I keep on moaning and groaning about what an idiot I am. So, instead I decide to make a plan as to how I can survive. I’ve never shoplifted before; it’s a completely new concept for me. When I was younger I would always feel guilty about sneaking a few chocolates of the top of the cupboard. So you can see how petrified I am about shoplifting. I try to casually stroll into Tesco’s, but I can’t keep my heart from thumping so fast, I can’t stop the sweat from bucketing down my face. Every aisle has a shop assistant wandering around keeping an eye on everything. I decided to try the confectionery aisle. I sneakily slipped a Fruit Pastilles packet into my pocket and just as I done so; I was halted by the assistant. I felt my pulse break; I knew I was in for it. H reached behind himself and took out a sheet. Sprawled out across the front was LOST BOY, with a picture of someone who looked exactly like me. That’s when it hit...
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