A Thesis Proposal

Topics: Computer, High school, Computing Pages: 6 (1354 words) Published: January 10, 2011
Automated Grading System

A Thesis Proposal Submitted to the Faculty
Of AMA Computer College-Bacolod Campus

In Partial Fulfillment of the Course Requirement
On CSCI15: Software Engineering

Submitted by:

Lieza Mae G. Apsay
Francis Riel Salvador
Rogin Villaruz

January 7, 2011

Chapter 1


Jack & Jill School was founded by Cecilia del Castillo-Lopez as a preschool in 1963. She converted her living room into a classroom and started teaching to 23 boys and girls from the small neighborhood of Homesite. “Little Angels” in City Heights was opened in 1971 and managed by her very capable assistant. It was later renamed to Jack & Jill Kinder School, City Heights branch. In 1979, Jack & Jill Kinder School in Homesite expanded to include an elementary school. The year 1995 resulted into the simultaneous establishment of Castleson High in Homesite, Castleson High in City Heights, and Sidera Special Child Center in City Heights. In the next year, Castleson High Schools in Homesite and City Heights were merged to become one school located in City Heights' new high school facility. A recent addition in City Heights was the Speech and Language Clinic which opened in 2008.In 1980, JJS/Castleson Schools Inc was established to incorporate and organize several schools under one administration. Today, Jack & Jill School, Sidera Special Child Center, and Castleson High which are operated in Bacolod City and Victorias City fall under the purview of one administration.

One of the problems of JJS/Castleson High is the manual calculation of the grades of every student. The grade of a student is a scale which determines students who

will help teachers in guiding them towards their development. It also shows where students excel most so they can be honed and encouraged to continue their good work, improve more, and aim higher. At the end, it will be the reference for the judgment of whether a student can step up to a higher level of learning or remain to be polished. From these reasons, it is clearly concluded how important it is to make sure that the grades of the students are accurately calculated and safely stored in a well-founded database.

It is understood that in the traditional grading system, where only calculators and papers are present, it is very difficult and time-consuming to compute grades. Errors are more likely to occur and papers are not very reliable form of database. It is very stressful to calculate grades and check them repeatedly from one record to another.   With the use of the Automated Grading System, the teachers will only have to input the raw grades of the students and the system will be the one to do the computations and storing of files. This Automated Grading System can provide the good service of accurate calculation and secured compilation of grades to those hard-working teachers.

This grading system is proposed with the objective of making the computing process easy, automated and more efficient for the teachers of JJS/Casleson High. Lessen paper works and hustles. By this system not only the teachers will get the benefit, but also the students. They

will know how their grades are being computed, the percentage of their quizzes, their exams and class participation. Through this they will see which part they should improve and should study more. They will also know how they got failed in their subjects.

Statement of the Problem

Through our research, we have formulated some questions in order to solve problems identified during the conduct of our study.

1. What are the problems exist in using manual process or by using the existing system? 2. Is there a significant difference between automated and manual process? 3. What is the level of need in developing this automated grading system as perceived by the school or organization and its faculties and employees?

General Objective
The study aims to provide...
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