A-team case

Topics: Taiwan, Bicycle, Competition Pages: 1 (675 words) Published: October 25, 2014
The A-Team was established under a threat from Chinese companies as well as because of the declining demand for premium-priced bicycles in world markets. Under pressure, the cohesion of a group tends to be stronger. Thus Giant and Merida Industry Co. Ltd (Merida) decided to put aside their business competition and brought their suppliers together to develop a solution and to regain the reputation of Taiwan bicycle industry. Moreover, although these firms were competitors, the founder of Giant and the founder of Merida were old friends and both led the bicycle industry in Taiwan. 2. Is there some relevance that the firms were all Taiwanese firms The Corporate Synergy Development Center (CSDC), a semi-government agency, was created to assist Taiwanese firms in establishing production networks. It was characterized as a system of production in firms that were simultaneously specialized in a particular task but flexible in serving a wide range of market demands. 3. What kind of activities/mechanisms contributed to the mutual learning among A-Team members Firstly, the coaching team, which composed from Giant, CSDC and Toyota Motors, had both the expertise needed and legitimacy. The team was helpful to introduce TPS and QRS. Secondly, an internal A-Team was formed by each member company to work with other members. It promoted mutual learning. Thirdly, in 2004, more learning and sharing activities were designed for co-development of innovative and high-value bicycles and parts. Thus those activities can teach most Taiwanese firms to learn how to work with others in developing new products. Fourthly, the e-platform was established for all members could work together as well as the A-Team members and clients to exchanges information and manage development projects. Finally, A-Team members engaged in monthly visits by consultants from Toyota Motors, discussion sessions, visiting members with good performance in TPS and presentation by each member every five months....
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