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A teacher. Pros and cons of their career.

By Razorenova Sep 29, 2014 415 Words
A teacher. pros and cons of their career.
Have you ever thought of becoming a teacher? If so, you should know that this job requires many qualities such as kindness, knowledge, tenderness, understanding, love, etc. Teaching can be a rewarding career, but it certainly isn’t for everyone. It requires to have patience and to be able to relate information in an interesting way to your students. Moreover, you have to be a good psychologist to deal with people and to understand them. Before deciding to become a teacher it is worth considering the pros and cons, so that you can be sure you’re making the right career decision for you. Following list of pros and cons of being a teacher probably will help you to understand better whether you want to be a teacher or not. Among the advantages we can find. Firstly,consonant communication with people. There is one condition- you should love children and communication with people in general. Secondly,feeling of fulfillment. What can be better for teacher than to see how your students progress and become wiser. Thirdly,rewarding job. If you like explaining smth. to smb. And it brings you pleasure- this job is for you. Another benefit of teaching is that you generally have long holidays, especially in the summer and at Christmas. Thus, you may not be on a high salary, but you can enjoy the fact that you have plenty of time off. For the most part, teachers are well-respected in society.. Teachers are generally treated well because of the responsibilities they have to educate the future. Finally, government subsidies benefit.

Nevertheless there are some disadvantages of being a teacher too. Firstly, consonant stress. Work with people is always connected to some sorts of conflicts. Therefore, conflicts lead to stresses. It’s important to be patient. Secondly, salaries are not always high, especially in public schools. In private schools there is usually more opportunity to earn. Thirdly, working with big audience. It’s hard to speak when no one is even trying to listen. Teacher must become an authority among students to make them listen to him/her. Finally,you have to deal with irate parents, school bullies and misbehaved children.

In conclusion, I’d like to say I compared all the pros and cons. And now it’s evident for me that disadvantages are insignificant in comparison with positive moments. It is a wondrous feeling knowing you will get to impact so many lives who will become our future.

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