A Tale of Two Mad Men: Who Is the Bigger Villain

Topics: Kill, Torture, English-language films Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: May 8, 2013
A Tale of Two Madmen: Who is the Bigger Villain?
Have you ever seen a movie with a villain in it? Have you ever wondered what motivated them to become this villain? What is a villain? A villain is someone who causes problems and sets out to hurt people. Zaroff and Montresor are both terrible villains. They both do awful things. They are both villains because they each kill at least one person. Even though they were both villains, Zaroff is a worse villain because he killed more people than Montresor, and he did it in a more vicious way. Zaroff and Montresor are alike in many ways. They both killed people, and tortured them. Also they both captured the people they were planning to kill instead of just killing them right then and there so they could torture them, and make them suffer more. After torturing the people, they both killed the people, because they thought they deserved to die, but they really didn’t. But they also had many differences. One of the reasons they were different, is that Zaroff killed people for his own delight, whereas Montresor killed Fortunato because he thought he needed to get revenge on him. Montresor had a reasonable explanation, but Zaroff just wanted to kill people. Also Zaroff lets the people he is going to kill know they are going to die, by telling them before they go out that they are going to be hunted, and if he finds them they will be killed. Montresor makes Fortunato think that he would never hurt him because he acts like they are very close friends, and he pretends that he will never kill anyone, and that he’s a really nice guy. Another difference is that Montresor gives Fortunato a chance to go back by telling him that the niter is hurting him, and he should go back, but Zaroff tells the people he kills they have to go out or they will be killed by Ivan who will kill them in a far more painful and long way. The two villains Montresor and Zaroff also had very different ways of luring their victims...
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