“a Tale of Two Cultures”

Topics: Culture, Western culture, Globalization Pages: 3 (907 words) Published: April 15, 2012
The case presents a dilemma that is very common for many generations of young people all over the world. I think that this identity crisis brought upon by the introduction of foreign ideals is going to keep getting bigger as globalization keeps opening boundaries. 1.I would feel responsible for the emerging social trends among young Asian professionals if my company would be doing business there. The case mentions that the young call center staffers are not only answering technical questions over the phone but they are also learning about the way of life of westerners. I understand that my company is not solely responsible for the social change because there are other factors that add to this effect such as movies, clothing, music, nightlife etc. All of these are of interest to young people like me because most of the time we tend to be very impressionable. International companies are just one step in the ladder of social change. Young Indians are able to earn the means to cover the life style that they wish to emulate. If it were up to me I would allow for my Asian employees to practice and take part in their religious celebrations and traditional customs. I would not make them feel like they have to change their whole persona and behave a certain way in order to qualify to work in my company. I understand that in order to keep tradition alive people have to practice them and we would not be doing a favor to a local culture if we interfered in it. 2.I think that globalization is partly responsible for the increasing incidence of divorce, crime, and drug abuse in Asia. Is safe to assume that those problems existed in Asia way before the current movement of globalization but the ease of communication that globalization created has amplified the problem. Younger generations of easterners are very much influenced by western ideas because they can very easily access information through media outlets such as the Internet. They are up to date with what’s...
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