A Tale of Two Cities Mini Book Report

Topics: A Tale of Two Cities, Character, Fiction Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: February 14, 2011
William Yang
Mrs. Hartmann
Period 4 Honors English 9
October 12, 2009
SSR Quarter 1: A Tale of Two Cities
A Tale of Two Cities is a classic novel written by Charles Dickens. It is a historical/realistic-fiction novel with many well developed characters, settings, themes, and plot. Interestingly, the book has many main characters. They are all developed throughout the entire story- some are flat and some are round. However, to many of the readers, one character seems to be very special and moving. The character, Sydney Carton, is probably the most memorable character in the novel. Dickens shows that he is round changing from a “jackal” and an alcoholic into a hero (although it is impossible to call him a protagonist), sacrificing his own life for a woman he loved, but could never be with. In some ways, he can relate to the active reader because of his deep interest in the events that are going on. Another major character would be Mr. Jarvis Lorry. He is a flat character and the perfect image and representation of a Victorian-English hero. His generosity, supportiveness, and kindness are reflected upon his virtuous actions. He is the first major character introduced in the novel and is present throughout the entire novel. Yet another major character in the novel would be Madame Defarge. Being the most sinister, cold hearted and evil character, she is the antagonist who represents a sans-culotte, a die-hard French Revolutionary woman whom Dickens intended for her to represent the cold hearted Lady Macbeth. She and her husband are responsible for the protagonists’ misery on many occasions. A Tale of Two Cities takes place during the French Revolution in two cities- France and England. The setting mainly contributed to the major themes and the tone of the entire novel. It helps emphasize the triumph of the Revolutionaries and horrors that the victims of the Revolution faced. It also helps show the problems England faced too-...
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