A Tale of Two Cities

Topics: A Tale of Two Cities, Love, Charles Dickens Pages: 3 (1304 words) Published: August 18, 2013
The Twins of A Tale of Two Cities
When people see twins, they would usually assume that they are the same. However, after people get to know them, they will notice the difference in their personalities. Some twins are the exact opposite of each other just like Carton and Darnay. In A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, the French Revolution is a time of change, danger, injustice, and vengeance. The French Revolution influences the two families of Dr. Manette and Monsieur Defarge in the two cities of London and Paris. The characters Carton and Darnay look like each other, but they are not brothers and are very different. While Charles Darnay is the same throughout the book, Sydney Carton changes to be the most heroic, because he is deeper, much more intelligent, and dynamic.

Carton and Darnay look alike, but Carton is deeper and braver unlike the shallow Darnay. In the beginning of the book, Carton saves Darnay by pointing out their similarities, which in the end saves Darnay from death. By the end, Carton is brave enough to give up his life for Darnay and to keep his promise to Lucie, his love. Carton promises, “For you, and any dear to you, I will do anything… there is a man who would give up his life, to keep a life you love beside you!” (117). Carton promises Lucie to anything for her to have a happy life. He is brave enough to stand by his words no matter how scary the thought of dying is. On the contrary, Darnay is not brave at all and the only time he might have been brave is in going back to France, but that only got him in more trouble and led him to prison. He also protested against the plan of Carton to save his life, but Carton still saved him by thinking ahead and tricking Darnay. Carton is also deeper in his confession of love than Darnay. Carton confesses, “If it has been possible, Miss Manette, that you could have returned the love of the man you see before you…” (115). Carton knows that Lucie will not return his love and he tells her that,...
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