A Tablecloth Holder

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Clip N’ Stay
Elevator Pitch

The Clip N’ Stay is a practical solution for all hosts and/or hostesses – a simple but elegantly designed tablecloth holder. The product was designed to solve the simple problem of weighting down a tablecloth. Tablecloths used anywhere from picnics and everyday household use, to formal banquets and parties. The simplicity of the product derives from the design itself – an easy-to-use plastic clip-on suitable for several standard sized tables and/or a straightforward attachable tablecloth weight. Despite the occasion, the Clip N’ Stay serves as a convenient solution, but at the same time, adds a bit of charm to any kind of party.

Marketing Plan

Clip N’ Stay was designed and patented by myself, Olli Bliss, a passionate and innovative entrepreneur determined to run my own business. Clip N’ Stay includes two separate products: a clip-on tablecloth holder and an attachable tablecloth weight. The business’ short-term goal is to launch the Clip N’ Stay product into the targeted market, successfully penetrate the market, be able to provide adequate competition within the target market and create awareness of the product and increase demand – all in the period of three years. The long-term goal is to sustain profitability, expand the service achieving a ten percent market penetration and, by the end of five years, expand to international markets.

4 Ps
Product: The Clip N’ Stay products come in numerous different colours and hues (10 different colours and five different shades to a colour), e.g. five different shades of white, complementing standard white tablecloths. The Clip N’ Stay are easily and inexpensively manufactured, but have been proven durable. Despite its simplicity, the product has ample potential of succeeding in its market – a large market with abundant demand.

Price: A Clip N’ Stay package, including one table set of four clip-on holders and four attachable tablecloth weights, will be...
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