A Synopsis of the Movie The Graduate

Topics: Rebellion, The Graduate, 1960s Pages: 4 (1425 words) Published: December 4, 2013

A world without rebels would be a world with no change. If specific groups didn’t escape the status quo, life would essentially go on as if it were put on repeat. Nothing would ever change, and nothing new would ever be accomplished. And most importantly, there would be no distinguishing factors between any two generations. Generations are shaped by the exclusive social changes that transpire over a given time period. Each generation desperately wants to set themselves apart by challenging the values and morals of the ones who came before them. They rebel against everything they were once taught in order to be independent and live a happy life. These rebellions have shaped American society for decades. Mike Nichol’s film, The Graduate, tells the story of a young man’s rebellion against his family and against society. The story unfolds in the nineteen sixties during a time of a major cultural change. In The Graduate, Benjamin Braddock consistently rebels against everything he believes in, which doesn’t stray far from the typical behavior of most youth in the nineteen sixties.

Rebellion is a recurring theme throughout Nichol’s film. The main character, Benjamin Braddock, had just graduated college and had no definite plan for his future endeavors. On the other hand, Benjamin’s overbearing parents practically had his life laid out for him. As soon as he returned home from graduating college they constantly pestered him about attending graduate school. At the time, the thought of attending graduate school or starting a career stressed Benjamin out, and he admitted that he was nervous about his future. At his graduation party he told his father that he wishes that his future could be “different”, but his father did not seem to care about Benjamin’s uncertainties. Therefore, he followed what most kids his age were doing in the sixties and rebelled against conformity. In the nineteen sixties the youth rebellion was in full swing. The youth wanted...

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