A Summary on Softball

Topics: Baseball Pages: 2 (299 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Bobbi Hugoe
Sue Watts
* Been a big part of my life since I was a little girl. I started out playing t-ball. * I have always loved it.
* It is something I do for myself. I have played for 13 years. * Softball didn’t get its name until 1926. Before that it was referred to as ladies’ baseball, mush ball, or kitten ball. It was invented in Chicago. * They used a boxing glove and a broom handle to play. * The ball being soft was grounded with bare hands.

* There are two types of softball. Slow pitch and fast pitch. * Slow pitch is when the ball has to arch when it is coming in at the batter. It has to look somewhat like a rainbow. The bases are farther apart and the field is bigger. * Fastpitch the ball comes in straight and there is no angle. The field is smaller and the game goes a lot fast. * Playing the game

* You have nine players on the field.
* Most important your catcher and pitcher.
* Everyone plays a part because without each position on the field each team wouldn’t be as successful * There is an infield and an outfield.
* Equipment.
* Bat what you use to hit the ball when you are playing offense. (hitting) * Uniform what you play in. how you tell what team is who. * Ball main piece of the game. You have to want it.

* Helmet you use it when you hit and run the bases. Its for safety. * Gloves what you use to catch the ball and make plays. Goes on your hand. * Cleats shoes to help you dig your feet into the dirt and grass. The have spikes on the bottom and make you feel like you on stilts. * Protective equipment.

* Helmet
* Sliders
* Batting gloves
* Face masks
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