A Summary of a Mothers's Newborn Baby

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PSY 210
Mrs. Stone
March 7, 2013

On March 9, 2010 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She weighed six pounds, eleven ounces and was 21 inches long. Her beauty took my breath away. Once the doctor spanked her bottom and I heard her cry it was like music to my ears. As they placed her in my arms all of the pain I felt from my 14 hour delivery vanished. I felt as if I had just won an Olympic race and I came in 1st place. My trophy was this beautiful bundle of joy. My husband and I decided to name her Adrianna Renee. The emotional bond or attachment that I felt for my daughter had me speechless. Then the nurse told me they had to take her briefly to do some type of test on her called Apgar score. She explained to me that the test was a standard scoring system that allows the doctor to evaluate Adrianna’s condition quickly and objectively. At first I was skeptical because my daughter looked perfect in my eyes. So the nurse takes her from me to go have the test done and while they are gone the other nurses tend to my needs. It seemed like forever but it only took 10 minutes and they were done with the Apgar score. Adrianna had done great scoring a 10 the highest an infant can get meaning she was perfect like I knew she would be.

Our stay in the hospital was short and before I knew it my husband was taking us home. Once we arrived home Adrianna surprised me how well she adapted to her new surroundings. She acted as if she was home and that was where she was supposed to be. Since I was a new mother I wanted to breastfeed my baby. The nurses told me that my milk was healthier for her, so that’s what I wanted. Unfortunately Adrianna was not having my big ole floppy boob in her face and she screamed bloody murder. So my husband had to go out and purchase a breast pump. Personally I have to say that the rejection hurt my feelings at first, but I found other ways to bond with my daughter, such as skin to skin contact. She absolutely loved skin to skin contact. I guess it soothed her and she knew she was safe.

Once my husband returned from Wal-Mart with the breast pump I immediately began to pump. Adrianna was hungry because she was trying to eat her little fingers and suck her thumb. The dr. told me those were survival reflexes and they had swung into action when we were at the hospital. Well Adrianna sucked that breast milk down and wanted more. I burped her after three ounces and then my husband wanted to feed her. So since she was still hungry, I let her daddy feed her another two ounces. I told my husband don’t forget to burp her, because if he didn’t he was going to wear some regurgitated breast milk. Ha I love picking with him. Since I had about 10 minutes to spare, I took this time to pump more milk and store it in the fridge and freezer. Adrianna burped again and was now sound asleep. I took advantage of this time to shower and nap with her while her father did the laundry and cooked dinner. Adrianna was a wonderful infant. She only cried when she was hungry or when her diaper needed changing, other than that she just slept. At night she would only wake once approximately about 3 a.m. for a bottle and to be changed. She would stay awake till 4 a.m. looking around and looking at me as I talked to her. Adrianna would slowly drift back to sleep in my arms, then I would lay her down in her crib. I stood over her crib and watch as she made the cutest little faces. She would smile huge smiles while sleeping. My mother always told me when a baby smiles like that in their sleep the angels are playing with them. I would silently go back to my room to get more sleep before my hubby came home from work. It seemed like once he got here he’d wake us both up. He had to have daddy time with the baby. So for the first three months of Adrianna’s life this was our routine schedule.

By the time Adrianna was four months old she was more alert throughout the day and was sleeping through the night waking at 6 a.m., just in...
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