A Summary of Knots in My Yo-Yo String by Jerry Spinelli

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Monica Naderi - Colon
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Knots in My Yo-Yo String

In this book I admired many of the authors personal qualities. My favorite personal quality of the author is that the author actually wrote a book about his childhood. The second quality I admired most about the author is when he was a child he went to church every Sunday of his life. I admired that he went to church every Sunday, because I believe that everybody should have a good relationship with whom ever they believe in. Those two qualities of the author are the ones that I admired most in the book.

I think that the community that the author lived in had some changes on his life. Some of the people that helped affect some changes in the authors life was the authors friends. The authors friends helped him a lot by hoping for him to win the election for president in his school. I also think that his parents had a lot to do with affecting some of the things in the authors life. For example, the author probably would not have his bike that he got for Christmas if his parents did not sacrifice going to the movies or going bowling, so that they could make sure their kids had most of the things they wanted. This is how the authors community had an affect on the authors life.

The fact that he was naturally talented gave him an advantage when becoming a writer. Some other reasons why he is such a good writer was because he was not the average kid, he was the kind of kid that paid attention in class, when all the other kids were fooling around. He was very dedicated to his school work. Further more he had a great imagination, and an even better writing ability to have the reader in suspense.

Some similarities when writing a book and playing sports is that you always have to be focused. Also you have to have a plan of action, and...
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