A Study on the Solicited Reactions of Level Iv Students on Pre-Board Examination as an Academic Requirements of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program of Central Colleges of the Philippines College of Nursing

Topics: Nursing Pages: 28 (6784 words) Published: February 24, 2009
Nursing has been an in demand profession abroad most especially to the western countries like Canada, U.S.A, U.K, and Spain,. These countries were experiencing a rapid growth of population resulted in demanding for a health care provider to render health care services for their respected citizens. These countries then, were recruiting for a health care provider from the different part of the world. On the other hand, Filipino Nurses were known for its caring quality of health care services. Therefore, Filipino Nurses are said to be a priority for the foreign countries in recruiting for a health care provider. In line with these facts, many Filipino Citizens have decided to up take nursing as their career in order to grab the opportunity. Since then, different schools, colleges, universities and other institution are offering a course for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Competition then, among these institutions were set to where in respective schools brought in their mission and vision.

Nursing education subscribes to belief that National identity, cultural consciousness, moral integrity and spiritual are vital components in the development of a Nurse. A broad liberal education and a multi- disciplinary approach seek to enhance this belief.

Nursing education therefore aims to prepare a critical thinking, demonstrates professional competencies and shall continue to assume responsibility for personal and professional development.
Therefore, in starting for a new program for Nursing is very critical. Most especially for the schools that is new in this kind of business. Unlike the other Universities, they have already proven their standards of teaching in offering a quality nursing education. Beginner schools then are required to produce effective strategies, to start for a Nursing Program. This is for these beginners to have an edge among the other schools. In response with this, these schools which are new in this field have poured their effort in producing a legal rule to be follow by the students to be able to come up with a positive outcome.

They are also required to fulfill the entire requirement provided by the government institution of the Philippines like CHED. This institution are used to monitor the education within the countries, next is the PAASCU, which is responsible to declare accreditation to the particular school for its standard.

In its 50th founding year, the Central Colleges of the Philippines opened its College of Nursing. CCP has added to its list of degree courses, a Bachelor of Science in nursing program. This is a four-year degree course, which is described as the art and science of caring for people, whether sick or well. Nursing is both a profession and a lifetime calling. In June 2004, the school welcomed the first batch of nursing freshmen and sophomore students. For the first batch of the National Board examinee, CCP have proven its performance in the field. The 1st batch has received an average of 88 %. This may implies that CCP is a functioning nursing school up to the latest National Board examination. Last June, CCP have acquired an average of 93% passing rate. According to the Dean of the college of nursing, the excellent performance of the students is due to the effort of the students in studying and through the standard of the College. Some of this standard is the row score of 75 in every subject. This indicates that the students need to pass the major examination with grades no lower than 75 % to be able to pass the subject and graduate from the program. This motivates the students to have more time on their school works, which obviously reflects a good effect. In line with this, the Central Colleges of the Philippines, College of nursing have formulated their unique mission and vision towards nursing education.

As indicated, the Central Colleges of the Philippines, College of Nursing is envisioned to develop the intellect, skills,...
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