A study on the difficulties in teaching and learning English speaking to non-English major freshmen at Ho Chi Minh University of Industry (HUI)

Topics: English language, Qualitative research, Quantitative research Pages: 10 (3065 words) Published: December 4, 2013
“A study on the difficulties in teaching and learning English speaking to non-English major freshmen at Ho Chi Minh University of Industry (HUI)” Date of submission: 16/05/2013
Supervisor’s Name: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Hung Tien
Tutor’s Name : Le Huong Hoa, M.A

“I certify that this work is entirely my own and has not been accepted as part of a submission to another purpose elsewhere”.


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This study has been completed with the help and support of many people. Therefore, I am grateful to all of them. Most importantly, I wish to give my special acknowledgement to Mr. Le Hung Tien, my supervisor, who has made a significant contribution to the success of this research. He shaped me on the path toward being an independent researcher. I also would like to give my thanks for Ms. Le Huong Hoa, my tutor. Dear Ms. Hoa, thank you for your initial ideas of the research topic and your support during the time I was conducting the research. You have invested a lot of energy and valuable time counseling and correcting my study. Without your help and support, I would have been in much trouble completing my study. Working with you, I have learned a lot of valuable knowledge and experiences in doing research. Besides, I would like to Mrs. Dinh Thi Hoa, lecturer of Faculty of Foreign Languages at Ho Chi Minh University of Industry, who gave me advice on my study. Her advice and guidance helped me overcome difficulties while I was implementing the research. No acknowledgement would be completed without thanking my parents who always encourage and take care about me. Their love and encouragement is priceless, which inspired me so much in finishing this research. I also want to give acknowledgement to my friends who spent their time to help me analyze my paper and provide insightful comments.




Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Hung Tien ABSTRACT
The research carried out under the title “A study on the difficulties in teaching and learning English speaking to non-English major freshmen at Ho Chi Minh University of Industry”. The obstacles in teaching and learning speaking skill are surveyed in some selected classes and observed by the researcher. Interviews are also organized to get supplementary results for the questionnaires. All the quantitative and qualitative methods are conveyed to get data for the research. As the result, teachers and students have different difficulties in teaching and learning speaking skill. In classes, the teachers surveyed meet difficulties with the large size of classes, students’low motivation, students’insufficient English competence, and so on while students meet obstacles such as difficult lessons, teacher’s unsuitable teaching methods, and the worries of making mistakes. In summary, all the difficulties originate from objective and subjective reasons.

1. The rationale of the study:
Nowadays, English plays an important role in the society. The number of people English speaking is becoming popularly. Speaking skill is one of the inevitable skills in learning English. Penny Ur (1996:120) noted, “Speaking seems intuitively the most important in four basic skills”. In fact, through speaking, people can express their opinions, make social contact with others people, establish rapport. In some situation, we use English speaking to give instructions or to get things done. That is also a reason why today more and more people learn to speak English. Most of the learners of English agree that the ability to express themselves freely in communication is the great importance for their future career, especially in modern societies where...
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