A Study on Telecom Sector

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Research paper topic: impact of effective management skills on organizational performance (A case study of Pakistan telecom sector)

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Effective management skills are keys for the internal and external performance of organization. The focus of this study was to find out the relationship between communication, coordination and decision making with the organizational performance. Data sample was collected from 120 managers working in the telecom sector in Pakistan by using questionnaire. Results indicate that there is a need for effective management skills in telecom sector of Pakistan for the provision of more improved and innovative services to the customers. In the current scenario most of the managers are unaware of their management skills. The enhancement of the basic skills like communication, coordination and decision making skills of the managers can provide fruitful benefit to the telecom sector. Introduction

As we see that our business is shifting from national to international due to this working criteria and managers’ efficiency is also effecting. Their communication styles, decision making and their coordination blow the performance of any organization. To have a change in an organization the managers should go for creativity, sustainability and above all focus. Change is the theory that holds well inside the boundary of communication. (Ford & Ford, 1995). Communication is more powerful tonic than incentive change for the growing organizations out of the performance corner.( Brandts & Cooper, 2007). Conversation is the board standard and product of organizational change. Managers take actions tie with conversational realities having more significance instead of those organizational spot on realities.(Ford, 1999). Managers are responsible for accurate visualizing and life giving values (Sheldrake & Hurley, 2000). Effective manager’s participation gives life to an organization. Along with communication the second dimension is strong belief on what you decide the power of decision making and the coordination. Coordination is a phenomenon in which the reliance on activities is managed.( Malone & Crowston, 1994). The mechanism of coordination promotes potential and helps managers to be the leaders of corporate sector. Managers can cope with the failure of coordination factor by monetary rewards or with their dimension communication.(Cooper, 2005). The decision of managers influences high on organizational performance. The smart working of organization will be more visualized as the freedom to decide becomes more autocratic. (Adams, Almeida and Ferreira, 2005). If we look upon the history of effective managers on telecommunication sector we can conclude that despite of having enthusiastic ones they are still unable to use that knowledge they got in their academic period in their working environment. Nowadays, companies face challenges not only on the network side, but also in the development of innovative new services. Negotiations leads the business relays on your communication style you’re on spot decisions. Most of mangers conversations reveal that they are conventional and traditional based plus confined with the experience.( Pullin, Knight, Stone and Charman, 2003). Internet has given an enormous knowledge and data creating influence on organizations but this is not enough for managers (J, Dastugue and Lambert, 2003). There is still a corner of improvement in the communication for managing the bond of manager n staff and manager n organization. (Hunt, Tourish and Hargie, 2000). Ineffective managers’ causes great turnover because of their bad influence on employees. (Grissom, 2011). The basic flaw is employees are enforced to do work by the managers. For the reduction in centralization cost the...
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