A Study on Stress and Work Family Conflict among Married Women in Their Families

Topics: Gender role, Work-family conflict, Family Pages: 4 (1277 words) Published: April 26, 2015
1.0 Introduction
My article Study on Stress and Work Family Conflict among Married Women in Their Families. This article write by M Sultanah Alam. This article to examine working and non-working women’s perception on stress and work family conflict in their family. This article showed that most of working mothers encountered a number of difficulties in balancing between family and job responsible. Participation of women in the labour force has been increased especially after independence. Women’s participation are increasing involved in employment help them to contribute to the family. This article are focusing the issue of stress and work conflict among working women in their family. Greenhaus and Beutell (1985), it is conflict of work and family interrelated roles. Work family conflict occurs when contribution in work role creates problems in contribution of family role. Work and family is the most important in working mother’s life. Work and family conflict has expended rapidly with women increased participation in the labour force has started in 1980s. For working mothers with young children will faced work family conflict even though is a common problems. Work and family conflict can be classified as time-based, strain-based, or behavior based. Times-based conflict occurs when job and family responsible compete for the individual’s time. It is a condition related to long work hours, schedule inflexibility, shift work requirement and overtime duties that might conflict with family responsibility. Kahn & Byosiere (1992), strain-based conflict experienced in one role crosses- over and interferes with participation in another role. For instance, the stress of tending to a sick child affects one’s ability to concentrate at work. Behavior-based conflict occurs when specific behaviors required in one role are incompatible with behavioral expectation in another role. Behavior-based conflict was related to work stress and job satisfaction. This article that...
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