A study on service quality of G-six Hair and Beauty Salon

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Chapter 1

G-six Hair and Beauty Salon prides on providing a high standard of customer service. In addition to the quality hair and beauty services, the customer service has been found to be one of the main reasons of clients keep coming back to the salon. Today, beauty care becomes a big business, which can contribute to an economy significantly (Peiss 2000). Large scale production, global distribution networks, extensive advertisement efforts, scientific marketing and sales at a large scale, all these have contributed to the emergence of beauty as an industry (Peiss 2000). Beauty is always considered as an important attribute for female. From the ancient time till now, we can trace many descriptions of beauty and beauty care practices in the poetry, literature and arts (Peiss 2000). As globalization intensifies, the concept of beauty and the necessity of being beautiful have gone through an evolutionary change. Now women tend to spend more time, energy and money on beautification by visiting beauty parlors or salons (Schwer & Daneshvary 2000; Joy, Sherry, Troilo & Deschenes 2010). Physically attractive people usually income more compared to the less attractive people (Hamermesh & Biddle 1994; Frieze, Ohlson & Russell 1991). Moreover the organizations tend to earn more revenue if they hire physically attractive employees (Bosman, Pfann, Biddle &Hamermesh (1997). Besides, being attractive can increase the possibility of getting married (Young 2011).

The growing importance and demand of beauty care vigorously raised the question on quality service issues for beauty parlors. As beauty care is a kind of personal service, ensuring service quality is challenging yet unavoidable need for the customers. It has been evident that, when customers’ perceptions of service quality are positive, the behavioral intentions are favorable, which strengthens their relationship with the organization (Zeithaml & Bitner 2003). On the other hand, when service-quality assessments are negative, the customers’ behavioral intentions are unfavorable (Kouthouris & Alexandris 2005). For the success of any service organization, quality is imperative and of paramount importance to the service providers (Bebko 2000). As services are becoming commodity-like it can offer a source of competitive advantage for the service providers (Chowdhury, Iqbal&Miah 2010). A great haircut just isn’t enough to keep a client any more. The country is saturated with salons and, for most, there’s a competitor only yards away who is also well equipped to offer a technically accurate and fashionable haircut (Sophieh 2008). Having regular customers is one of the most important aspects of running a successful hair salon with consistent customer numbers and satisfied customers always proving to provide strong financial returns and reviews. In today’s era of fast-changing global marketplace, customer satisfaction has been an important aspect. With the increase of the importance of service sector in the economy of Myanmar, the measurement of service quality became important. Moreover, customers’ satisfaction may help the service providers to spread positive word-of-mouth and maintaining current customers can help the firms to be more profitable. Service quality is an approach to manage business processes in order to ensure full satisfaction of the customers which will help to increase competitiveness and effectiveness of the industry. Quality in service is very important especially for the growth and development of service sector business enterprises (Powell, 1995). We know that customers’ satisfaction with individual service encounters affect the customers’ satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the overall service experience (Johnston 1995). So, it is important to know whether the client’s expectation regarding the service really matches the perceived service in all dimensions of service quality.

1.1Rationale of the Study

The beauty care service industry...
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