A Study on Perception of Employee About Performance Appraisal Effectiveness and Its Impact on Employee Motivation

Topics: Psychology, Emotion, Cognition Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: August 21, 2012
Topic : A study on perception of employee about performance appraisal effectiveness and its impact on employee motivation Type of Research: Quantitative Research
Problem Definition: The objective is to identify the various perceptions employees have about performance appraisal system in their organization and how far the performance appraisal does motivate the employees to perform better. Data Collection Details: The data will be collected through a questionnaire (hard copy and soft copy) comprises of closed ended simple questions. A sample study will be conducted in SIMS

Review of Related Literature
Researchers have shown considerable interest in variables related to the individual doing the appraisal (Lefkowitz, 2000; Levy & Williams, 2004; Robbins & DeNisi, 1998). One of the most studied rater variables is rater affect (Levy & Williams, 2004). A general definition of affect involves liking or positive regard for one’s subordinate (Lefkowitz, 2000). Forgas and George’s (2001) study suggests that affective states impact on judgements and behaviours and, in particular, affect or mood plays a large role when tasks require a degree of cognitive processing. In PA, raters in good mood tend to recall more positive information from memory and appraise performance positively (Sinclair, 1988). Affective regard is related to frequently higher appraisal ratings, less inclination to punish subordinates, better supervisor-subordinate relationships, greater halo, and less accuracy (.Lefkowitz, 2000). Antonioni and Park (2001) found that affect was more strongly related to rating leniency in upward and peer ratings than it was in traditional top-down ratings. This effect was stronger when raters had observational time with their subordinates.
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