A Study on Employee Job Satisfaction

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Job satisfaction in regards to one’s feeling or state of mind regarding nature of their work. Job can be influenced by variety of factors like quality of one’s relationship with their supervisor, quality of physical environment in which they work, degree of fulfillment in their work, etc.

Positive attitude towards job are equivalent to job satisfaction where as negative attitude towards job has been defined variously from time to time. In short job satisfaction is a person’s attitude towards job.

Job satisfaction is an attitude which results from balancing & summation of many specific likes and dislikes experienced in connection with the job- their evaluation may rest largely upon one’s success or failure in the achievement of personal objective and upon perceived combination of the job and combination towards these ends.

According to pestonejee, Job satisfaction can be taken as a summation of employee’s feelings in four important areas. These are:

1. Job-nature of work (dull, dangerous, interesting), hours of work, fellow workers, opportunities on the job for promotion and advancement (prospects), overtime regulations, interest in work, physical environment, and machines and tools. 2. Management- supervisory treatment, participation, rewards and punishments, praises and blames, leaves policy and favoritism. 3. Social relations- friends and associates, neighbors, attitudes towards people in community, participation in social activity socialibility and caste barrier. 4. Personal adjustment-health and emotionality.

Job satisfaction is an important indicator of how employees feel about their job and a predictor of work behavior such as organizational citizenship, Absenteeism, Turnover.

Job satisfaction benefits the organization includes reduction in complaints and grievances, absenteeism, turnover, and termination; as well as improved punctuality and worker morale. Job satisfaction is also linked with a healthier work force and has been found to be a good indicator of longevity.

Job satisfaction is not synonyms with organizational morale, which the possessions of feeling have being accepted by and belonging to a group of employees through adherence to common goals and confidence in desirability of these goals. Morale is the by-product of the group, while job satisfaction is more an individual state of mind.


In JPR Company, past six months productivity is decreased due to various reasons .For the following reasons we choosed the study on job satisfaction.

Communications in the management process.
Do people really like their jobs? Definitely, everyone knows from the news about dissatisfied workers going on strike or even acting violently toward their supervisors, directors, but overall people are quite satisfied with their jobs. But in JPR , people generally aren't satisfied with their job. The reason lays in lack of job choices and payment. People do their job without any satisfaction because they have to earn some money to survive.  I think that the main reasons why the people in Uzbekistan are not satisfied with the work they do are the absence of good knowledge of management in the organizations and corruption. As we got knowledge from the "Organizational behavior" course, we know that job satisfaction influences on employee performance within the organization and organization's


Frequently, work underlies self-esteem and identity while unemployment lowers self-worth and produces anxiety. At the same time, monotonous jobs can erode a worker's initiative and enthusiasm and can lead to absenteeism and unnecessary turnover. Job satisfaction and occupational success are major factors in personal satisfaction, self-respect, self-esteem, and self-development. To the worker, job satisfaction brings a pleasurable emotional state that often leads to a...
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