A Study on Effectiveness of Training and Development

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Every organization needs to have well-trained and experienced people for performing the activities that have to be done. As the jobs become more complex, the importance of employee development also increases in a rapidly changing society. Employees’ training is not only an activity that is desirable but also an activity that an organization must commit its resources to if it is maintaining a viable and knowledgeable workforce.

Training plays an important role in improving organizational effectiveness. It is much needed in the private sector in today’s competitive environment, especially after liberalization and globalization. In order to make the training more effective in improving organizational as well as individual performance, it is important that the perception regarding effectiveness of training must be made positive. Creating good learning environment, by providing encouragement in terms of promotion or increment and by linking training more closely to work practices.

The employer classifies the employees in 3 categories namely technical, interpersonal and problem solving. The employer train the employee so that there is a modification in the employee overall skill. Thus, the employee decides as to the type of training, the time of training and form of training.

Training means maintenance and improvement of the level of performance of a person in a section or a department. Training is an upgrading performance.

The project focused, “A study on effectiveness of training and development programme in brakes India limited “was under taken. The main objective of this project is to identify effectiveness of Training and Development towards recipients of this industrial exposure training programme. The researcher focused Descriptive research design. Data collection has done through the primary data in from of questionnaires. Suggestion has been made on the various statistical tools.


Brakes India limited is a leading manufacturer of braking system in India for the automotive industry. The company was established as a joint venture between TVS and TRW in the year 1962. Brakes India limited has grown steadily to become a leading brake system supplier to global OEMs operating in India. With design, development and manufacturing capability that matches global standards in quality and safety, Brakes India limited is capable of providing complete braking system technology from concept to completion.

In 1981, Brakes India limited entered into technical collaboration with quall cast (derby foundries) ltd., U.K. For the manufacturing of the permanent mould ferrous casting, a technology newly introduced in India. In the same year, Brakes India limited established a Foundry Division at Sholinghur to manufacture Permanent Mould Grey Iron castings.

Brakes India limited has two broad divisions. They are the Brake division and the Foundry division. The Brake division is India's largest manufacturer of complete Brake system for automotive and non-automotive application including Hydraulic brake, clutch actuation, heavy duty brake, foundation brake equipment, clutch fluid. The foundry division is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to manufacture sand-casting both grey and SG iron. It is India's largest manufacturer of permanent mould ferrous die-casting.

The strength of Brakes India limited lies in:

Its ability to motivate and harness the capabilities of its human resource develops and nurtures a strong vendor base. ●Its commitment to quality, cost, delivery, safety and customer satisfaction. ●Strong in-house Research & Development, coupled with access to World Class Technology through collaboration and affiliations worldwide enables Brakes India to provide the Best Braking Solutions and Castings to its customers. ●Sales turnover of its Brakes divisions exceeds Rs. 5 Billion. Brakes Divisions...
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