A Study on Customer Satisfaction on Airtel

Topics: Mobile phone, GSM, Bharti Airtel Pages: 50 (9386 words) Published: October 6, 2009

P - No I. Chapter - 1

On the job training 1-3 Introduction 5-11 Industry profile 12-14

II. Chapter – 2

Company profile 14-24

III. Chapter – 3

Summary 25-26

IV. Chapter – 4

Product profile 27-31

V. Chapter – 5

Objectives of study 32-33

VI. Chapter – 6

Methodology 34-48

VII. Chapter – 7

Limitations 49-50

VIII. Chapter – 8

Analysis interpretation 51-75

IX. Chapter – 9

Findings 76-78

X. Chapter – 10

Suggestions 79-81

XI. Chapter – 11

Conclusion 82-83

XII. Chapter – 12

Annexure 84-85



➢ On the job training takes place in a real job environment. ➢ The major advantage of this method is that the trainee will get practical experience. ➢ This will also help in better application of the knowledge and skills gained during training session. ➢ Disadvantage of OJT IS that as the trainee is still going through the learning process any mistake he commits on the job might result in loss to the organization.



Primary objective.

➢ Primary data was collected through market survey
➢ We approached the customers directly through questionnaires. ➢ A study on customer satisfaction on airtel and creating awareness in customers towards airtel features regarding to the land line & broadband services. ➢ To know the company performance in different department on customer feedback.

Secondary objective;

➢ To obtain the customer satisfaction levels on Airtel. ➢ To identify customers problems & preferences.
➢ Launching and promotion of airtel land line in other regions of Hyderabad.


My company guide assigned me the following targets:-
➢ Meeting five customers daily and get their feed back.. ➢ Face to face interaction with the customers of Airtel. ➢ Interviewing them on phone to know their satisfaction level and their problems regarding towards AIRTEL landline &broadband services.


➢ Meeting the customer directly to know their satisfaction level &problems of AIRTEL landline broadband services. ➢ Taking interview on phone.
➢ Data was collected from the customer database to reach maximum customers in the limited time.


➢ I have collected the feedback of 150customers of Airtel. ➢ We have done analysis for that data and submitted to the company guide. ➢ The analysis was presented to the company officials by the company guide. ➢ The officials were very much impressed by the report.

➢ Based on that analysis the company taken few steps to satisfy the customer.


➢ We are unable to meet some customers directly because of insufficient address ➢ So we decide to make a call to know their feedback on airtel.


We made effort and make this study oriented. There are certain limitations such...
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