A Study on Customer Preference in Retail Store- Adani Store

Topics: Retailing, Supermarket, Shopping mall Pages: 128 (28353 words) Published: July 30, 2010
It is pleasure to acknowledge those who have contributed to this project directly or indirectly, though it will be still an inadequate appreciation of their contribution, we here by acknowledge the names of the people to whom we shall always remain grateful.

We would sincerely like to express our gratitude to Mr. Ravjibhai Patel who gave us the grand opportunity to have Grand Project at Adani Supermarket.

We would especially like to thank Mr. Manish Christian, the Retailing Manager at ADANI for evincing keen interest in our work, continuous encouragement and guide us through out our survey. Without his cooperation it was impossible to reach up to this stage.

We are also very thankful to all the members of Adani Supermarket who shared their valuable knowledge with us & gave us opportunity to understand the field of competitive Retail industry.

We are also very thankful to Prof. Rajeshwari Jain who performed as a guide for this project. We are thankful for her constant guidance, support and inspiration.

We would also like to sincerely express our gratitude to our director Prof. S. Chinnam Reddy & all the faculty members who have been time & again directly or indirectly helped us in relation to the Grand Project. Without the theoretical knowledge imparted by them during 4th Semester of M.B.A. course it was not possible to have it applied in practical life.

We are thankful to the librarian at the SKPIMCS & at the AMA for extending their helpful hands as and when needed without any hesitation.

Thanks to our parents, who always keep us from falling apart during endless hours of our project. They always keep our sprits up and our hamstring in working order.

We eagerly look forward for the suggestions for improvement from the readers of this project.

Dhaval Pandya
Mayur Karavadara


This is to certify that Mr. Dhaval Pandya and Mr. Mayur Karavada, the students of M.B.A. 2nd Year of S.K.Patel Institute of Management & Computer studies, Gandhinagar have completed their grand project titled as “A STUDY OF CONSUMER PFERENCE IN GARMENT IN ADANI HYPERMARKET AT AHEMDABAD” in the year 2005-2006 in partial fulfillment of Gujarat University requirement for the award of degree of Master of business administration.

Prof. S. Chinnam Reddy Prof. Siddarth Das Prof. Rajeshwari Jain Director Coordinator Grand Project Guide



We hereby, declare that the grand project on “A STUDY OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOR PATTERN WITH RESPECT TO PART OF PRODUCT MIX FOR UPCOMING HYPERMARKET IN AHMEDABAD” is our original work and has not published elsewhere. This has been undertaken for the purpose of partial fulfillment of Gujarat University requirement for the award of degree of Master of Business Administration.

Date: __/__/2005
Place: Gandhinagar Uteshiya Dilip M. Thakrar Milan R.


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