A Study of Spirituality in the Workplace

Topics: Spirituality, Religion, Prayer Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: January 20, 2014
1.What is your definition of spirituality in the workplace? Spirituality in the workplace means that employees find nourishment for both the vertical and horizontal dimensions of their spirituality at work. Spirituality in the Workplace is about individuals and organizations seeing work as a spiritual path, as an opportunity to grow and to contribute to society in a meaningful way. It is about care, compassion and support of others; about integrity and people being true to them and others. It means individuals and organizations attempting to live their values more fully in the work they do.

2.The author says that's expression of spirituality in the workplace can be both humanistic and orientated toward performance. Do you agree why or why I want not? I believe that the expression of spirituality in the workplace is both humanistic and orientated toward performance because personal stability, centeredness, and self-actualization can be spiritually based ways to adapt to an often chaotically changing work environment. These spiritual expressions provide the realization that stability, centeredness, and self-actualization are sourced from our inner selves, particularly since individual organizational members often perceive that they have little control of their workplace environment or the people in it.

3. The author describes a number of “expressions as very spirituality” in the workplace. What are the additional expressions of spirituality do you believe are significant in the workplace? Such expressions may involve dedicating time for meditation, introspection, enjoying nature, journaling, or sharing with a trusted friend. Additionally, studying scripture, prayer groups, prayer before meetings and spiritual work retreats. 4.In addition to the establishment on the Ecumenical Council, what are other ways to help create an integrated approach to spirituality in the workplace? Here are some other ways to integrate spirituality: Frequency and types of...

References: Canas, K., & Harris , S. (2014). Opportunities and challenges of workplace diversity : theory, cases and exercises. (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ : Pearson Education, Inc.
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