A Study of Consumer Attitude Towards Mobile Marketing

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Final Project Research


STUDENT NAME: Zohaib Ahmed Jaffery
Roll No.: A1BM-109007
COURSE NAME: Final Project
SUBMITTED TO: Sir Waqar Qadri
DATE OF SUBMISSION: October 24, 2012

The use of cell phone has rapidly become an integral part of our lives and has become the source of economic growth and employment opportunities at the country level (Madden and Savage, 2000 & Sridhar and Varadharajan, 2007). In many countries, mobile phones are often people’s only way of telecommunication (CSR Report, 2003). They are addressing their specific needs and encouraging the use of mobile technology as a force of positive social and environmental changes (Banks & Burge, 2004). Over the last three decades, the global economy has gone through revolutionary changes and a development in telecommunication technology has triggered a complex pattern of social and economic change.

Mobile phone is more than a communication device. The technological progress and deregulation of telecommunication industry has considerably lowered the marginal costs of communications. International organizations such as World Trade Organization (WTO) and International Telecommunication Union (ITU) are reassessing the increasing importance of telecommunication services in the economic development of the countries and specially its socio-economic impact on common individuals. These organizations believe that, if mobile phone is introduced appropriately, it can be a useful tool for development.

In the current environment mobile marketing is also very common in Pakistan which offers great opportunities for business because usage of mobile device is in immense amount. It is observed that in Pakistan marketing activities are greatly supported by mobile devices which allow companies to directly communicate with their consumers without the barrier of time and location. However, some areas of mobile marketing still need further investigation especially; the topic of advertising via mobile devices is of major interest. It addresses consumers with individualized advertisement massages via mobile devices. The underlying paper discusses its relevance and investigates antecedents of consumer attitudes towards advertising via mobile devices. The analysis is based on a consumer survey. The results indicate that advertising value and advertising massage content have the largest impact on attitude toward advertising via mobile devices.

Keywords: Mobile devices, Advertising, Consumer Attitudes


Pakistan is also in line with the rest of the world in growth of cellular phone industry. Mobile services in Pakistan were started in the late nineties. Licenses for operating cellular mobile service in Pakistan were awarded to M/S Pakcom Pvt. Ltd. (Instaphone) and Paktel simultaneously in 1990. Both the companies were using same Analogue Mobile Phone System (AMPS) technology. Mobile technology being new in the country and heavy taxes made mobile phone definition “something luxury and for status symbol”. However the regulatory push as well as other fundamental changes, like introduction of Calling Party Pays regime (CPP), reduction in taxes and Mobilink coming on telecommunication scene of the country, introducing the new global mobile system (GSM) technology gave mobile users a choice to switch over from AMPS to GSM. Major changes in the mobile industry of Pakistan came in the form of operator competition, call rates reduction, and additional value added services, however took place 28 Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences Vol. 29, No. 1 with the introduction of 4th mobile operator (public sector company) U-Fone by the incumbent PTCL in 2001.

Pakistan cellular industry has got sustainability as 5th cellular operator and world’s 7th largest cellular operator “Telenor”...
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