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Now a lot of branding either town or event branding are increasing to rise to the challenge of expressing it persuasively. However, many continue to think that branding is simply a logo which changes with each publicity campaign. According to Peter Economides in Rhode, to cope with it means dealing with our own social psychology as a society and individuals. Branding is not about selling the country. It’s about believing again, it’s about relighting the flame. So, it’s mean that rebranding is about to create a believing of our society. That’s a big job for that. For the first year, Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon has reach 150,000 visitors spilled the two fields, one of which filled with 18 balloons including 1 tethered balloons and two special shape balloons. In year first Canon and Honda took part in the fiesta. For the second year, the total visitors are increased to 200,000. The same total that attend to this event for third year. What I’m wanted to say here is even the total are increased from year to year it doesn’t mean the visitor are still remember what happened at that fiesta. It should be unique and have identity. According to Orson Welles, create your own visual style, let be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others. Organisation’s identity refer to the identity of an organisation, therefore the locus of identity would be organisation as a social actor (Whetten and Mackey,2002). Thus the locus of identity, like corporate identity, resides at the organisational level instead of that of the individual. Organisational identity is about an individual‘s social identity; therefore the subject of identity is individual rather than the organisation. In this scene, the level of analysis is at individual level. We also must create the corporate identity to connect to the other firm or sponsor. Corporate identity (when it considered from those who adopt a multidisciplinary perspective) is concerned with a great deal more than graphic design...
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