A Student's Analysis on Ebola and President Barack Obama

Topics: United States, Barack Obama, Democratic Party Pages: 4 (400 words) Published: September 23, 2014

Health Management
Jamara Aaron
University of Phoenix

Ebola and President Barack Obama
Currently in Africa there is an outbreak of a deadly virus; Ebola. The U.S. President Barack Obama is helping with different ways to control the outbreak in West Africa. With President Obama being the U.S. leader he is instructing the military to assist as well as help us our U.S.’s resources. With the highest leader of the U.S. donating $100 million dollars and a possible $88 million more dollars, he is showing Africa and America that he can help get the outbreak under control and make sure that the number of deaths don’t pass the 2,400 that has already been reported dead. With the U.S. military ready to help, we plan to build 25-beds to care for the infected workers. Perspective-Global or National

In the article from Fox News President Obama is addressing the issues with the Ebola breakout nationally and globally. Nationally because he is pulling U.S. troops from all areas of the United States to assist with the quarantine as well help build hospitals. Also, on the national level because he is using U.S. money to assist the Africans and that help with the U.S. troops and money. Globally because this isn’t an issue that is directly affecting the U.S. however, President Obama has stated to them that we are here to help and we are more than willing to extend a helping hand. Affects on People

Since the U.S. is assisting with this health issue and I personally have an ex-boyfriend that is from Africa and still has family there and I constantly ask him if they are alright. Even though he is an ex we are still cordial enough to check on each other especially with him not being an American and he doesn’t have any family here in the states, I want him to know that he still has a support system. On the U.S. side I have friends and family members that are active duty and could possibly be called to help in Africa. Not...

References: FOX News Network, LLC. (2014 ) Obama to detail plans on Ebola offensive on Tuesday: WSJ
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