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A Street Market in Summer

By ahmardi Sep 04, 2011 349 Words
A street market in summer
A street market in summer is always a wonderful sight. As with markets, the street is lined with stalls of fresh produce, fresh foods, clothing, cooked foods, flowers, and even electronics. The sellers boast the greenest of green vegetables, the reddest of red apples that even Snow-White could not resist to bite a second time, pulses and beans in small plastic bags so that every strata of buyers can afford, the fashionable women’s dresses with various colours, some rivaling the scorching sun in the afternoon. Some stalls are superbly structured with marvelous displays while some hawkers just spread their items on the ground. Umbrellas, all kinds and all colours float midair, protecting some sun-shy shoppers from the heat. Roadside food-stalls, in their makeshift arrangements, provide shoppers with piping hot food, refreshing cold drinks, whatever the customers ask for. The exotic smelling aromas, the sweet smelling aromas, the tantalizing aromas, of cooked food in various tastes and styles, filled and floated through the air. People, some short, some tall, some fat, some thin, some old and some young, men, women, jostle with each other to reach the items of their interest. People shove, elbow, push at each other, some hurrying, some dithering, some dashing, some wavering. The aims of these people could not be fathomed. Housewives, old and new, young and old, bargain with vendors, trying to get the best items with the best prices. And vendors cajoling the customers with soft words and humble gestures. Now and then, someone would sing a latest hit at the top of his voice. Vendors pitch their wares in mounting crescendos – trying to outdo the next seller. Soft-spoken sweet talks of some sellers and intermittent sounds of sizzling fries and knocking of ladles on woks could also be heard. A street market in summer which stirs up the senses with its beauty, aroma, and interesting sounds, provide a warm and friendly environment to all who are present. This is one way of our society that gives a meaningful life to the people.

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