A Story About College

Topics: College, High school, Dormitory Pages: 3 (1166 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Leaving from home and exploring ones own dreams are a very important part of maturing. Though, the physical separation from home is for some a difficult transition to college life. What are those things one takes for granted while living at home, and attending high school? What changes does one face upon entering college?Just think of all the times the alarm clock did not go off, and mom was there to make sure school was still reached on time. When the alarm clock fails to go off at college, then the first class of the day is simply missed. At home breakfast is made to order: eggs, bacon, pancakes, or even French toast. In college one finds a particular meal that is edible, and must stick with it. A cabinet could be opened at home and a variety of tasty foods are readily available. In college a meal card is swiped though a machine upon entering the cafeteria, and the word "tasty" rarely enters the mind. Mom is at home to make sure the dishes are put away after the meal by everyone; dish duty is passed along each night. The tray is simply handed over to pairs of hands waiting to clean the dishes at college. Nutrition is a factor at home, and Mom creates meals with that in mind. A new food group sprang to life upon entering a residence hall: Mountain Dew, Doritos, Ben & Jerry's, Ho-Ho! 's, Oreos, the list could go on and on.Privacy is always available at home; there is somewhere to read, write, listen to music, or to just rest. Dorm life is a harsh reality to college, and the only time the room is empty is on a Thursday night. At home a bedroom is somewhere to keep all personal belongings; there is a particular space for everything to fit. Space efficiency becomes a survival tactic in college. When at home there is no worry of someone coming into the bedroom unless permission is given to enter. In college a day without at least ten random visitors is considered boring.At home, family was the only people living inside the house. In college...
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