A Speech for Recognition

Topics: Education, University Pages: 4 (1266 words) Published: October 2, 2013
To all the molders of all the scholars who are in this very hall starting from our university president, Rev. Fr. Renillo H. Sta. Ana, CICM, our three vice presidents, Dr. Moises Alexander Asuncion for Academics, Dr. John Octavios Palina for Administration and Mrs. Venica Acosta for Finance, our academic and administrative deans, the faculty and staff, fellow scholars and students, friends, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon.

I am not a special person because I am standing here at the stage giving my speech after being chosen by the committee on scholarship and awards. I am not an idol to be praised all the time. I am just like everyone else in this university who study the designed curriculum for me. I am also a student who walks in the corridors, who stays at the benches or patios, who eats single meat lunch near Gate 1, who tries to visit my Facebook account every night, who sings inside the bathroom and etcetera. I believe, most of us, scholars, do the same things. The only thing that makes us different from just a few who are not scholars is that we really value all the support given to us.

Indeed, we are all here because of all our hardships, struggles and efforts to excel in our chosen field. We all have sleepless nights. We all have spent much money for our requirements. Some of us don’t even bother having a love life just to concentrate that much in our studies. Pudpod na mga daliri sa kaka-encode sa ating mga computer o laptop. Makalyong mga daliri’t palad dahil sa mahigpit na paghawak sa mga lapis at kung ano pa mang panulat ang ginamit. Nanankit na mga mata sa kababasa ng mga araling dapat basahin. Malilipasan ng gutom. Mauubusan ng allowance. Mapapagod sa kalalakad papunta pabalik ng ULRC. Lahat ‘yan marahil ay nagawa na natin. Hindi ba? The real question is: “Did the others exert the same efforts to repay those who support them in any way?

We all know that behind every student studying in this university has someone supporting his/her...
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